Integrated Management System – IMS

At Port of Barranquilla our Integrated Management System is based on the following regulations: Quality Management System (ISO 9001 2015), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015), Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018), and Security and Port Protection (Control and Security Management System BASC version 5, ISPS Code).

Know Our Systems


For registered companies that are has no carnets, the application for admission can be made through option 1 / option 2

Option 1

– Fill out the form FSE 015 Solicitud de ingreso.

– Valid occupational hazards certificate.

Option 2

– Referral letter from the registered company which must be delivered in access control.

– Valid occupational hazards certificate.

Companies registered with employees with carnets:

Send current contribution form to the email to carry out the activation of the ID.


If the company is not registered and its procedures are carried out through a customs agency, they must do the application for entry and it must be validated with option 1 / option 2.

– To start the process it is important that the company is registered at the Port of Barranquilla.

– Fill out the form FSF 011 Solicitud de Carné, and email it to

– Once the documentation has been sent, our security area will contact them to coordinate the rest of the steps to follow.

Visitors and customers’ vehicles must have prior authorization by the person responsible of their visit. Once you are at our access control point we will validate that the request has been done and a vehicle card is assigned to you (it must be located inside your car on a visible place during your entire visit to the Port).

– Fill out the form FSF 020 Inscripción o actualización operador portuario and file it in our Document Information Center office, along with the documents listed at the end of the form.

– Once the documents have been validated, the registration will be notified by mail or, if necessary, the request to send additional supports will be made.

To know to which risks you will be exposed during your work at Port of Barranquilla, everyone must virtually carry out the Occupational Health and Safety induction.  You will learn about the safety conditions, meeting points, evacuation routes and other important security aspects for your safe mobilization within the port facility. Enter the following link to access to the introduction:

Your company must have a person in field who has within his responsibilities the monitoring of the Occupational Health and Safety System, in such a way that the exposure to hazards of workers is minimized. This person must have at least the Occupational Health and Safety License and certified experience.

To access our operation areas, you must follow these rules:

  • Wear a certified safety helmet.
  • Wear safety glasses during operations.
  • Use industrial safety footwear with reinforced toe caps.
  • Use protective gloves, if required.
  • Carry in a visible place the ID provided by the PORT OF BARRANQUILLA upon entry.
  • Any additional protection element that is required according to the risk analysis of the task.

High-risk jobs are all those that have or represent, directly or in an associated way, a high probability of causing injury to people or damage to property and equipment. This type of works requires of a special work permit before they are done to ensure your safety during the labor.

Work at height, hot work, work in confined spaces and load lifting are considered high risk tasks.

The use of any dangerous chemical that is required for the execution of the work must be notified in the induction with the Health and Safety area of ​​the PORT OF BARRANQUILLA. You should register the substances you need to use in the safety sheet, and our team members responsible will certify your ability to handle those substances according to the rules of the Globally Harmonized System GHS.

All electrical connections must be requested and carried out by Port of Barranquilla’s staff. Users and contractors are not allowed to make any type of connection to the electrical installations of our terminals.

External stakeholders and contractors can only transit through the areas or sectors that correspond to the space or place designated to carry out their work or service.

Container yards and docks are restricted areas for pedestrian traffic and vehicles or machinery other than those necessary for the Operation.

It is the Contractor’s job to control all the risks that may cause an incident or work accident, thereby protecting all its workers. However, in the event that this should occur, the user or contractor must immediately inform the Health and Safety division of Port of Barranquilla to attend the incident.

After that, then the contractor must present a report stating what happened and the corrective actions to avoid its recurrence in accordance with resolution 1401 of 2007. This report must be submitted within a maximum period of forty-eight (48) hours to the Health and Safety division. Once the report has been validated by Port of Barranquilla, the Contractor must share with its workers the corrective actions generated from the accident’s investigation.

The person who detects any type of emergency within the facilities of the Port of Barranquilla, must communicate to the CLOSED TELEVISION CIRCUIT (CONTROL ROOM) through the EMERGENCY LINE +57 5 3716555, RADIO CANAL 10 or cell phone +57 3173717563, which are available 24/7. You must clearly describe the emergency and having in mind the following information:

– Area or place where the emergency originates.

– Type of emergency: Work accident, sudden illness, fire, pollution, damage to facilities, etc.

– People involved: Name or number of people injured.

  • Identify the Exit Route.
  • Identify the Meeting Point.
  • Identify the hazards at the exit.
  • Calm first, older adults, pregnant women, and people with limitations come out first.
  • At the meeting point, we continue together maintaining the biosecurity distance.
  • Re-enter slowly according to the directions of the emergency leader.