Port Transparency

At the Port of Barranquilla, Transparency is the cornerstone value of our business philosophy, and therefore our Port Transparency program combines ethics and conduct, conflict of interest management and anti-corruption commitment in a single model, through which, with the joint contribution of partners, users, customers, vendors and authorities, we build a culture of transparency.


Our zero tolerance of corruption policy involves the commitment of everyone at the Port of Barranquilla to not offer, receive, facilitate or induce any act of corruption.


Through conflict of interest management, we work to maintain our employee’s fair judgment in all their professional decisions; we therefore ask our decision-making levels to prepare conflict of interest statements and report any new situation that could actually or apparently compromise impartiality.


We have a strict code of ethics and conduct, which constitutes a clear framework for the actions of our employees. For the Port of Barranquilla, moral and ethical qualities are essential to promote an atmosphere of respect for the law and decent treatment to all people, and to strengthen ethics as a fundamental aspect in our relationships.


Our key audiences are also our main allies for achieving Port Transparency. This is why we have made available 3 reporting mechanisms to speak out against any act of corruption or contrary to our policies.

Transparency Line


(+57) 5 – 3716200 Ext. 777

Complaint Registry

You may submit your report in the form below. Any information received through this form, our Transparency line and email will be handled anonymously to protect those providing the information.