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We integrate solutions for all you logistics needs. We deliver tailor made logistics thanks to our talented human resources, infrastructure, security, and modern technology in our operations.  

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For efficient container handling, we have the following infrastructure:

Logistic Platform

We offer added value services to your cargo, which generate efficiencies and savings in your logistics.
Containers’ stripping and stuffing for crossdocking or storage:

Crossdocking, corresponds to the work of unloading the packed or palletized merchandise and the subsequent load in a vehicle of equal dimensions or in several vehicles of lower capacity, which does not imply storage or processes to the products.

By stripping or stuffing containers inside our port facility, our clients reduce transport costs and transport movements. Likewise, we support them in the return of empty containers to the shipping depots that remain inside the terminal, guaranteeing their immediate delivery, without worrying about the expiration dates.

Storage and distribution:

We provide storage solutions and distribution of your loads to major cities nationwide.


In case the load arrives damaged from origin.

Cargo Packing

Preparation of orders to be developed in the winery, collection, grouping and preparation of the requested products.

Container lashing
Cargo classification
Pallets supply
Armed of pallets
Lining service
Imprint registry
Tally and photographic registration

Refrigerated and Frozen Cargo

We guarantee your load´s cold chain, thanks to our Refrigerated and Frozen Cargo Warehouse & Distribution Center located inside the Port Facility.
  • 3.200 m² area with 2640 pallet storage positions:
  • 1.844 positions are located in the frozen section at temperatures between -18°C and -23°C.
  • 756 positions located in the refrigerated section at temperatures between de 0°C and 5°C.
  • Bays for independent import and export processes at temperatures between 0°C and 5°C.
  • 10 docks, each with automatic doors and retractable cover.
  • 10 hydraulic vertical levelers.
  • 3 scales with 2-ton capacity.
  • Stoplights for dock operation.
  • Temperature control equipment in each room.
  • Termómetros infrarrojos.
  • Infrared thermometers.
  • Specialized lifting forklifts.
  • Radiofrequency terminals.
  • Printers for pallet identification.
  • WMS system Transkal.
  • Simultaneous inspections by authorities (ICA, Invima, Dian, Counternarcotic Police, Distrisalud).
  • Cross-docking Import and Export.
  • Storage for refrigerated and frozen cargo.
  • Picking
  • Palleting
  • Labeling
  • Stowage
  • Weighing

General Cargo

We have a competitive advantage by having areas near the dock for handling extra-sized cargo and special projects. These spaces, adjacent to the warehouses and docks, allow storage of over 120.000 tons of steel cargo such as wire rods, coils, profiles, plates and other type of metallic structures.
  • 7 warehouses for storing general cargo, with a total area of 26.584 m².
  • 50.800 m² yards for outdoor storage.
  • Equipment and warehouses for storing cold rolled steel and cement products.
  • Cargo classification
  • River transportation on barges
  • Local land transportation
  • Large spaces for project cargo storage
  • Sacking service from big bags up to 50 kg bags.
  • International Logistics Distribution Center (CDLI in Spanish). Cargo storage for 1 year, with the possibility of extension for an additional one, without nationalizing.
  • Crate repair service
  • Thermal packaging
  • Cargo cleaning
  • Rod loading with certified gear to prevent damage to the cargo.
  • Appointment system to assist vehicles.
  • Online inventory control and cargo tracking service.

Bulk Cargo

We have a bulk system with capacity to download up to 14,000 tons/day of bulk, at a rate of up to 600 ton/hour, and receive two ships simultaneously, storing the bulk in different warehouses.
  • 42.501 m² area for bulk storage.
  • 14 bulk cargo warehouses.
  • Storage capacity of 132.000 tons.
  • Mechanized system for unloading motor ships, which consists of movable hoppers, conveyer belts, boom lifts and drag chains.
  • Monitoring and preservation service of stored grain.
  • Inventory control for loading.
  • 12 truck scales with an 80-ton capacity, strategically distributed throughout the terminal.
  • Storage capacity of 3,598 mᵌ of liquid bulk divided into three carbon steel tanks with its corresponding inlet pipe and dispatch center.
  • Ensacado en bodega o al costado del muelle (sujeto a disponibilidad)
    suministro de sacos.
  • Almacenamiento de gráneles secos.
  • Almacenamiento de gráneles líquidos como aceite, químicos, entre otros.
  • Cargue de barcazas.
  • Servicio de pallets.
  • Servicio de carpado de camiones.
  • Trimado por bodega dentro del buque.
  • Sacos igualados (báscula especial para que todos los sacos pesen igual).
  • Retiros de divisiones en buques.
  • Servicio de laboratorio para inspección de la carga.
  • Equipos para controlar la humedad de los granos.


We provide integrated handling rates for coke exportation.
  • 8.5 hectare storage yard.
  • Storage capacity of 120.000 tons.
  • Specialized yard for coal and coke container filling.
  • Ship warehouse trimming.
  • Draft survey.
  • Cargo humidifying
  • Appointment system to assist vehicles.
  • Weighing service with exclusive scale, unloading at yard, internal handling, transportation and loading service at a rate of 7,000 tons/day.
  • Control over land and inventory service for any type of coke particle size.